Mars Wrigley Brings A New Royal Solution To Hunger WithSNICKERS® Kesar Pista

~India-only variant launched with the tag line ‘Hunger Ka Royal Solution’~

~Furthers commitment to the India market with delectable, localized variants made with ingredients that Indians adore~

National, 03 March 2022:Riding on the success of new variantsintroducedexclusively for Indian consumers, Mars Wrigley innovates yet again,with the launch a new variant of its much-loved chocolate brand SNICKERS®, thereby expanding the portfolio with flavors that consumersof treats and snacksin India love and appreciate. The all-new SNICKERS® Kesar Pistacomes with the taste of the royal spice –Saffron or Kesar,and the premium nut – Pistachio, bringing together a combination that isadoredby many and often found in several variations of mithai’s or desserts prepared across different states and parts of India.Mars Wrigley,known for its diverse portfolio of globally loved brands such as GALAXY®, SNICKERS®, BOUNTY®, M&M’s®, SKITTLES®, ORBIT®, DOUBLEMINT®, BOOMER®, has in the past introduced several ‘Made for India’ variants of SNICKERS® such as cashew and fruit and nut, which consumers have enjoyed immensely.

Loved for its cheeky brand persona and humorous campaigns, the new SNICKERS® Kesar Pista has beenlaunched with the tag line, ‘Hunger Ka Royal Solution’, furthering the brand’s global proposition of ‘You Are Not You When You Are Hungry’. The new variant is a limited-editionaddition to the SNICKERS® range and will build on India’s love for Kesar Pista and chocolate, following the success of variants such as Almond (launched in 2019), Cashew and Butterscotch (launched in 2020) and Fruit & Nut (launched in 2021).The positive response received for the previous variants is a testament to the need for introducing more such local flavors in India, and this launch is a step forward in Mars Wrigley’s commitment to the India market with its localization strategy.

Talking about the launch of SNICKERS® Kesar Pista, Mr.Varun Kandhari, Marketing Director, Mars Wrigley,India, said,“AtMars Wrigley, India, our purpose is to create a billion better moments that make the world smile and weare committed to bringing new and exciting variants of our globally loved brandsto cater toour diverse consumers in India in ways that are relevant to them.Our previous launches have proven to be successfuland we aim to continue to expand our portfolio while maintaining the brand love amongst SNICKERS® loyalists. We are glad to bring this new variant, and confident this is going to appease many, given India’s love for Kesar Pista as a flavour.”

SNICKERS® Kesar Pistawill be available across traditional and modern trade outlets for INR 30 and INR 50.The launch will be supported by a digital campaign to be launched this week.

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