Maharashtra’s progress in the world of sports through the visionary policy of Sports Minister Sanjay Bansode

– Memorable performance record in 37th National Games

Goa :- Enthusiastic Sports Minister Sanjay Bansode has given Maharashtra’s sports world a new identity at the national level in a short span of time. He has promoted the quality of talented players at the grassroots level through financial and technical support.

Due to this initiative, the young sportspersons of the state proved their quality and helped Maharashtra achieve a record number of medals in the national sports games.

That is why Maharashtra was able to earn an unprecedented and unforgettable 228 medals. For this, Sports Minister Sanjay Bansode took appropriate decisions by predicting the situation from time to time. He organized a practice camp in Pune to boost the quality of the players. Appointed qualified sports guides and coaches who provide special technical training for this purpose.

*900 players participating ; 228 medals*

A 1100 member team from Maharashtra participated in the National Sports Games at Goa. Maharashtra’s talented players proved their mettle in 43 sports. This allowed Maharashtra to win 228 medals including a record 80 golds. Athletes from Maharashtra proved their quality in sports like Modern Pentathlon, Pinchak Silat, Kho-Kho, Yogasana, Gymnastics, Athletics, Wrestling, Kabaddi.

*Spectacular performance of Golden Star Sanyukta*

International gymnast Sanyukta Kale has once again struck a golden punch, maintaining her dominance in the national sports games. In the gymnastics category, she won the gold medal with a remarkable performance. Due to this, she was honored with the best player award in this year’s national tournament.She expressed her jubilation as she received this honor due to the support given by sports mentor and state sports minister Bansode.

*Ajit Pawar led MOA commendable work*

Under the chairmanship of respected Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, the work of the Maharashtra Olympic Association is currently being commended. For this, General Secretary of the organization Namdev Shirgaonkar is active in implementing various positive campaigns.So, by searching for talented players, they have got the best team for Maharashtra. This is why Maharashtra was able to achieve historic success. Due to this, the Maharashtra Olympic Organization has also made a valuable contribution in this record-breaking success.

*Maharashtra will increase the percentage of Olympians: Sports Minister Bansode*

There are talented players at the grassroots level in Maharashtra. We have now taken the initiative to promote their talent. Due to the support given now, the players made their mark in the national games. So now we are going to implement various schemes to increase the percentage of maharashtra athletes in the world level competition like Olympics. Sports Minister Sanjay Bansode gave his information about the upcoming campaign in the words that through this the sportsmen of Maharashtra can create a new identity at the global level.


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