IIT Powai Extension Campus in Nagpur

Nagpur :-“In a bid to achieve the above, we, the Vidarbha Economic Development Council (VED) propose the setting up of an Extension Centre of IIT, Powai in Nagpur, a demand that has been made for decades, but not yet materialized”, informed Devendra Parekh, President, VED Council. Nagpur, is the centre of India with very convenient air, road and rail logistics, ideal for locating an educational institution and has several advantages besides, he further stated.

An Extension campus of the IIT Powai, comprising 20-25 acres ,can be established in Nagpur for short-term programmes, upgrading programmes, for diplomas, certificates. There could be, in addition, corporate sponsorships for people wishing to furthering their education here.

An appropriate example is that in addition to the main campus, IIT Kharagpur has three extension campuses, at Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar and Raipur, which would expand its tradition of research and innovation where industry and academia would work hand in hand by fostering entrepreneurship skills by bringing research, development and the industry under a single roof. The extension campuses provide venue for various continuing education programmes and guest-house accommodation

Similarly, IIT Powai could conceive of an Extension Centre in Nagpur. If realized, it would be a milestone achievement in education. It’s a proposal that the Central Govt. needs to look at, consider and help materialize for the benefit of Vidarbha and the entire central Indian region.

We, the VED Council members, have been working tirelessly towards making Nagpur an iconic education hub for which we pursued diligently the establishing of a few national-level education institutes here, some of which have recently seen the light of day, like the IIM, AIIMS, NLS.

VED Council proposes that a (SEZ) Special Education Zone, be announced in MIHAN (Multi-Modal Hub Airport At Nagpur), where land can be allotted to the IIT Powai extension campus..

MIHAN (Multi-Modal Hub Airport At Nagpur) is an ideal place in Nagpur, Maharashtra, where the IT can be established. The ecosystem already exists within MIHAN, what with an IIM and an AIIMS already in full swing here. Nagpur is the centre of India, its Zero-Mile, therefore, very well connected to the entire country with rail, road and air. Even expressways are now linking it to major cities en route, and within the city Nagpur boasts of an excellent metro too. Nagpur has excellent medical facilities and has a good law and order situation with comfortable lifestyle, which are major attractions for a comfortable lifestyle.

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