How much beneficial and career oriented are Nursing Courses

Nagpur :- Understanding the benefits, Return on Investments, Advantages, career growth and job placement guarantee a Diploma in Nursing course has to offer.

In an exclusive interview given to News Today 24×7 team, below are the excerpts of the interview with  Pramod Walmandre (Secretary) and Sachin Hadke (Treasurer) Of Tanishq School of Nursing, One of the prestigious venture of Shri Mahavir Education Society.

Tanishq School of Nursing completed 12 glorious years that promised and delivered to hundreds of its passed-out students with rewarding career in The field of Nursing. In their Annual function certain facts were shared by the above-mentioned Board Dignitaries which were overlooked by many career-oriented students seeking for a career that promises well paid jobs with the least investment and barest of academic qualification.

“Nursing courses are such courses that demand less and give more” said Sachin Hadke. He explained that unlike preparation for NEET (entrance exam for Medical) which demands more but assures less, Nursing courses are far more assuring with least investment of money and time yet promising a reasonably well-paid future career. After completion of 2 years of diploma course in Nursing (R.A.N.M) or 3 years Diploma in Nursing (G.N.M) students have 100% job assurance, with a starting salary of approximately 22 thousand to 28 thousand depending on the institution they are placed at. The entry level students are aged at approximately 17 years at the time of admission in the course and after completion of course the students start earning a decent salary at the age of 19-20 years. On the flip side preparing for NEET demands a considerable amount to be invested in paying towards the coaching class fee (ranging anywhere from 90 thousand to 2.5 lakh). The other condition is that the NEET aspirant has to be a science student, having scored minimum 70% marks in their 12th board exams.

On the contrary Nursing courses can be pursued even by a candidate that has barely scored 45% in the 12th board exams and may not necessarily be from the science background. Students from arts, commerce and even MVCV background stand a chance to excel in this course. The bottom line is that,” If getting a job with a reasonably decent salary is a priority, with barest minimum qualification and almost no investment towards coaching fee, Then Nursing courses are the Best choice.”

Further on they added that almost 3-4 % of Indian Nurses seeking growth and exposure are migrating abroad, owning to the unmet demand of qualified Nursing staff abroad. Approximately 6,50,000 Indian Nurses and healthcare professionals are working across United Kingdom, Canada and Australia and a fair chunk is there in the Middle East too. Proudly speaking India is the largest source of immigrating Nurses and Physicians.

Since its inception Tanishq School of Nursing has never witnessed a vacant seat in any of its academic session till date. All seats are taken. Tanishq has also witnessed 100% placements year after year for its eligible students.

One of the best part about this Nursing school is t it offers an “In Campus” free hostel facility for its students which includes all amenities while promising utmost security to its female students round the clock.

Students falling under category do enjoy the benefits of 100% scholarship and Management is very considerate towards students with weaker economic background. All sort s of cooperation is extended by the friendly staff to ensure that some deserving and aspiring students must not be forced to discontinue their studies.

There is so much to offer by Tanishq School of Nursing and perhaps that is the reason for its completion of 12 glorious years and many more to come.

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