GR dated 6/11/2023 is applicable to Leaseholders and Licensee (Parwana) Galedharak – Devendra Fadnavis, DCM 

– Licensee Galedharak should not be harassed – Krishna Khopde and Virendra Kukreja

– Lease holders and Licensee Galedharak Should be treated at par – Dr Dipen Agrawal

Nagpur :- A delegation of Chamber of Associations of Maharashtra Industry & Trade (CAMIT) led by Dr Dipen Agrawal, President in prominence presence of Krishna Khopde, MLA and Virendra (Vicky) Kukreja, President BJP Vyapari Aghadi, Maharashtra met Devendra Fadnavis, Deputy Chief Minister and expressed gratitude on behalf of business community for notifying Maharashtra Municipal Corporations (Transfer of Immovable Property by Lease and Renewal of Lease) Rules, 2023, resolving the issue of exorbitant increase in lease rent by Municipal Corporations.

At the outset Dr Dipen Agrawal felicitating Dy. Chief Minister with CAMIT Dupatta and flower bouquet and submitting a memorandum, upraised him that in on government directions in 2019, Municipal Corporations across the state increased the lease rent to 8% of property value for leaseholders and also for licensee galedharak. Taking cognisance of widespread protest and representation to the state government stayed the effect of the 2019 GR and after review new rules have been notified wherein minimum lease rent of 0.50% of market value for residential, educational, charity and public purpose and 0.70% of market value for Commercial and Industrial purpose has been notified with a cap that increase cannot be more than twice the lease rent applicable in 2019.

Dr Dipen Agrawal, Krishna Khopde and Virendra (Vicky) Kukreja jointly informed, Devendra Fadnavis that leaseholders even after enjoying greater benefits would be paying less rent whereas the licensee galedharks enjoying lesser benefits as compared to leaseholder would be paying higher rent (about 4% in Nagpur and about 8% in other Corporations). They requested DCM to intervene and impress upon the corporations to notify that the GR dated 06/11/2023 apply mutatis mutandis to Licensee Galedhark or alternatively notify similar rules for Licensee Galedharak of Corporations.

Devendra Fadnavis acknowledged the submissions made before him and after giving a patient hearing informed that the recent GR issued shall be applicable to Lease holders & Licensee (Parwana) Galedharak.

Dr Dipen Agrawal also upraised DCM, Devendra Fadnavis with the hardship faced by the entrepreneurs engaged in Permit-room business due to recent increase of VAT rate from 5% to 10% on sale of Indian & Foreign Liquor sold in licensed permit rooms. Dr Agrawal informed that there are about 18 to 20 thousand permit-rooms operating in Maharashtra. Thousands of families are directly and indirectly earning their livelihood. This sector is fighting for its survival since last 5 – 6 years firstly due to unreasonable ban imposed by Hon’ble Supreme Court and thereafter due to frequent closures during Covid pandemic period. The recent VAT increase will become last nail in their coffin. Dr Agrawal requested Dy. Chief Minister to intervene in the matter and restore the 5% VAT rate for liquor sold from licensed permit rooms.

Devendra Fadnavis assured the delegation that he will discuss the matter in the Cabinet and leave no stone unturned for providing relief to licensed permit-room holders.

Sanjay Nabira, Laxman Mendhare, Anil Nagpal, Dinesh Vanjani, Kanhaiyalal Motwani and Shailesh Ved were prominently present in the delegation informed a press release issued by CAMIT.

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