Former guardian minister ambrish rao met medigadda effected farmers. 

I am always with  dam affected farmers: Ambrish Rao.

Gadchiroli:-Former guardian minister of the gadchiroli district Ambrish Rao was on a tour of Sironcha on 16th March.  As soon as the information about his visit was received, a delegation of Medigadda dam affected farmers reached there and meet him. Ambrish Rao assured that he would always strive for the interests of the dam-affected and to solve their problems.The conversation that took place during the meeting between the dam affected farmers delegation and Ambrish rao.the Conversation was started initially seen to be a bit heated, but as the dialogue progressed, the conversation ended in a meaningful and positive way. At last the dialogue reached a point.

As everyone known that the Medigadda dam built by the Telangana government in Sironcha taluka . Nowadays in limelight due to protests by its affected farmers for some demands.The government and public representatives have been the target of the protesters during the protests. In this sequence, the former guardian minister of the district Ambrish Rao also had to face opposition from the protesters. But on March 16, the dam-affected farmers and Ambrish Rao had their first meeting at Sironcha.It was said that many people related to the political parties were keeping their eyes on that meeting.

On the occasion of the meeting, the dialogue between the dam affected farmers  and Ambrish Rao initially progressed in somewhat nerves way, but the conversation finally ended on a positive way. During the dialogue, the dam affected farmers explained to Ambrish Rao about their problems and their efforts so far. Ambrish Rao also responded positively and assured all possible help to the dam affected farmers.During the dialogue, the delegation of dam-affected farmers also submitted a memorandum to Ambrish Rao after verbally informing him about the developments of issue so far. Ambrish Rao has also assured the delegation that through correspondence with the Telangana government and if possible face to face, efforts will be made to find a solution to the problem.

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