Follow electricity safety rules during rains

Nagpur :- As the Meteorological Department has predicted the possibility of increased rainfall in the second half of September, it is possible to achieve the goal of zero electricity accidents if preventive measures are adopted to avoid loss of life and money due to lightning during this period. Citizens should strictly follow electricity safety rules for an accident-free rainy season. Such an appeal has been made by MSEDCL.

Avoid contact of electrical equipment with water As water is a conductor of electricity, special care should be taken to ensure that switch boards, electrical equipment do not come in contact with rain water or moisture. If water seeps into the place of the electricity meter and the place becomes wet, switch off the main switch near the meter and contact the local office of MSEDCL. Wear rubber slippers or boots when handling equipment in wet areas. Do not hang wet clothes in the house to dry on electric wires and wires. Besides, in case of any malfunction, switch off the main switch immediately. If someone gets electrocuted, move him to the side without touching him with dry wood, give artificial respiration and take him to hospital immediately.

Earthing and home electrical inspection and repair Earthing is important from the point of view of safety of electrical equipment in farms and homes. A licensed contractor should ensure that the earthing and wiring are in good condition. Any fault in earthing or wiring should be rectified immediately by a licensed person. It is very important to install an earth leakage circuit breaker before the switch board in the house. Due to this, if there is a fault in the wiring, the power supply is stopped immediately and financial and life loss (accident) can be avoided. Connect the earth wire to each switch board. Miniature circuit breakers and main switches should be used as per capacity for different electrical loads in the building. Due to this, the power supply is immediately cut off in the affected area. Checking the old wiring in the house, the damaged wiring, as well as the wiring with reduced insulation resistance should be replaced immediately. Earthing should be checked from time to time.

Use of quality power tools Only three phase pins and sockets should be used for appliances like fridge, cooler, mixer, iron, geyser, motor etc. It is necessary to use electrical equipment of proper quality.

Be careful when building No building or other construction should be constructed under low voltage, high voltage or extra high voltage power lines; also, there should be sufficient horizontal distance between building/construction and lines as per rules.

Agriculture electricity consumption Animals should not be tied to electric poles, trees near electric poles or under wires. The power supply and earthing wire to the farm pump should be intact. Avoid starting or stopping the electric pump when it is raining. Avoid standing near poles, poles or under power lines when it is raining.

Citizens are requested to contact the MSEDCL office immediately or contact the toll free number 1912 or 18002123435 or 18002333435 of MSEDCL central customer service center available round the clock to avoid possible disaster.


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