Nagpur :- On 14 Sep 2023, NCC Gp Nagpur have conducted a Special Puneet Sagar event at Guards Regimental Centre Auditorium Kamptee, coinciding with various events and celebration on culmination of G-20 Presidency Mega Event. Group Capt Khushal Vyas, Group Commander NCC Group HQ Nagpur welcomed the Chief Guest of the event Maj Gen SK Vidyarthi, AVSM SM ,GOC Uttar Maharashtra and Gujarat Sub Area (UMANG). The event was also attended by various senior ranking Officers, ANOs, Military Staff and 300 NCC Cadets.

The event was conducted to celebrate the activities conducted by NCC pan India and especially by the NCC Cadets of Nagpur Group over past one year under Puneet Sagar Campaign and Swach Baharat Drive. These activities were conducted in synergy with the Govt of India vision during the G20 presidency,Amrtkaal Mahotsaav and Social responsibility mandate.Defence Ministry reported 3.4 Lakh NCC Cadets have collected approximately six tonnes of plastic waste being reused for road construction under MoU with NHAI.

Under this manadate, the NCC Units and Cadets of Nagpur Group undertook various activities like online Quiz, Essay writing and poster making competition, awareness rally and campaigns for single use and reduce plastic use, conserve environment and water bodies through institutions and public partnership drives and engaged with citizens sensitizing them and spreading the awareness message on the important issues of reducing plastic use, cleaning, conserving and protecting environment and water bodies.

The NCC Group Nagpur initiative witnessed encouraging participation by the citizen of Orange City which included plastic waste cleaning drives from various public places including Futala lake and water bodies in and around Nagpur. Reduce/Recycle Plastic/ Polythene uses to name a few. NCC at National level has collaborated with industry, academia and IITs to recycle and utilize collected plastic waste.

The cultural programme & prize distribution during the event saw meaningful skit, songs and dance conducted by 4 Mah Bn NCC, Nagpur and 3 Mah Girls Bn NCC, Nagpur conveying the message of Environment and Water Protection.

The event concluded echoing – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam The world is one family the way ahead for humanity.


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झोपेतील प्रवाशांचा पर्स चोरनारे अटकेत

Sat Sep 16 , 2023
नागपूर :-साखर झोपेत असलेल्या प्रवाशाचा पर्स चोरणार्‍या दोघांना लोहमार्ग पोलिसांनी (गुन्हे शाखा) पकडले. पुरकाम नासीर (34) रा. मोमीनपुरा आणि त्याचा साथीदार अविनाश उर्फ साहिल समुंद्रे (22) रा. नारी अशी अटकेतील आरोपींची नावे आहेत. त्यांच्या ताब्यातून रोख रकमेसह पर्स जप्त करण्यात आला. सावनेर येथील रहिवासी फिर्यादी अनिकेत गजभिये (28) हा नागपुरातील हॉटेलमध्ये काम करतो. कामावरून घरी जाण्यासाठी तो निघाला. मात्र, गाडी […]

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