City to witness strong ‘ Nautapa ‘ this year

– Nautapa will start on 25 at 8.56 pm.and Will end on June 2 

Nagpur – For Last two months mercury has not crossed the 46 degrees Celsius mark in Nagpur City. From May 25 ,sun will enter Rohini Nakshatra at 8.56 pm . through a Vehicle a mouse ( undir )and it will be a start of Nautapa in Nagpur region, saysnoted International Astrologer Dr Anil Nagesh Vaidya.

Nautapa is a period of nine nights when the Sun is closest to Earth , which usually Causes severe heat and hot weather almost in all states in India or other countries as well. When Sun gets entered in the constellation of the Moon ( Rohini) .Moon Usually travels to 9 Nakshatras and start the grabbing the heat ,that is why it is called Nautapa which usually bring inconsistent warm weather and heat in weather. It has been said that whenever Moon during these transits causes rain.It gives the signalfor the upcoming days that the monsoon will bring low rainfall , which is called the  Rohini the beginning in rural areas,there is a phrase ‘ Rohini Kari Bohini ‘ Dr Vaidya added..

Dr Vaidya elaborated ” Over the years,it is observed that the temperature is increasing slowly in April & May.But this year many regions in the country witnessed stroms , cyclone & rains.The recent cyclone in Arabian Sea has resulted in change in temperature in Nagpur region. The city as well as region witnessed humidity and rains till today.Now after May 25 , because of Nautapa effect,the temperature will increase above 46 degrees Celsius ”

These 9 days are like 9 days of pregnancy of clouds where,more the heat generated due to Sun & Moon movement more, it can carry rain causing clouds for coming monsoon season.These 9 days are actually called as pregnancy clouds of the monsoon and Mother Earth bears it  For goodwill of mankind.

Because of extreme heat in Jaltattva of Rohini Nakshatras ,it increases cycle of condensation process from coastal regions.That ‘s the reason it is called    ” Mansoon Garbhadharn ” period.

On the very first day of  Start of Nautapa, the son will rise at 5.44 am while Sun will set at 6.54 pm. Sun will be in Tauras ( Vrishabh) rashi at 9 degree 22 kala and 49 vikala.The duration of day will be more than 13 hours.Hence,the earth will get energy for more period.on June 2 , mercury will enter in Vrishabh rashi and will combusted.This will be the end of Nautapa and start of monsoon, Dr Anil Vaidya an International Astrologer and Vastushastra visharad Stated.

 – Dr Anil Nagesh Vaidya 


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