CIL Chairman Pramod Agarwal reviews WCL

Nagpur :- Pramod Agarwal, Chairman, Coal India Limited reviewed production, productivity and future plans of the company during the review meeting he held on June 8, 2023 at the WCL headquarters in Nagpur. In the review meeting, he appreciated the work culture and speedy execution of tasks by WCL team.

In his address, he emphasized the significance of the second quarter of this financial year. He said that in the previous year, coal production was largely affected during second quarter due to heavy rainfall. He said that if WCL produces enough coal during this quarter, the annual coal production targets could be smoothly accomplished. While emphasizing the use of new technologies in coal mining, he commended WCL’s plan to deploy 25 new continuous miners. He obtained detailed information on coal transportation and gave suggestions for improvement in this important aspect of coal mining. On this occasion, he also launched WCL’s Coffee Table Book based on sustainable initiatives in the company.

In the review meeting, Manoj Kumar, CMD, WCL provided detailed information about the current coal production status and elaborated on the future plans. He assured that WCL will achieve its coal production target during this financial year also.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Director (Personnel), Shri. J.P. Dwivedi, Director Technical (Operations), Ajay Madhukar Mhetre, Chief Vigilance Officer, M.K. Singh, Executive Director, CIL, Area General Managers and HODs from the headquarters attended the meeting.

Following the review meeting, Pramod Agarwal participated in a felicitation ceremony held at the Sanskrutik Bhawan of the headquarters. He gave away the prizes to students selected in the WCL Super 30 under WCL’s Mission TARASH and wished them success in their future endeavours. In his address, he extensively discussed the importance of mechanization, digitalization, skill development, adopting new technology and manpower planning for WCL. The event was attended by the WCL management, senior officials, union representatives and a large number of employees.

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