Celebrating 23rd Anniversary : Peristyle and Ramp Inferno –  by Cadence Dharampeth & Hingna Road

Nagpur :-Cadence Academy of Design is all set to enthrall the city with an extraordinary display of talent and creativity through its highly anticipated events, Peristyle and Ramp Inferno. These two spectacular showcases will take place on the same day, at the prestigious venue, Vanamati, located on VIP Road, opposite Frankfinn.

Peristyle, the renowned interior design exhibition, will kick off the day’s festivities from 3:00 PM onwards. It will transport visitors into a world of captivating living spaces, as the talented students of Cadence Academy of Design present their miniature interior models, design plans, sketches, and exquisite decorative pieces. Get ready to be inspired by the innovative concepts and impeccable craftsmanship displayed by these young designers.

As the sun sets, the spotlight will shift to the dazzling Ramp Inferno, starting at 7:00 PM. This year, Ramp Inferno promises to be an unforgettable experience as it sets the stage ablaze with an electrifying fashion show on live band performance. This first-of-its-kind fashion show in the city will showcase the remarkable talent and creativity of the students, who have poured their hearts into creating captivating fashion sequences that will leave you mesmerized.

Cadence Academy of Design takes immense pride in nurturing the future design professionals and entrepreneurs of the country. With a comprehensive curriculum and practical training approach, the academy has successfully shaped the careers of over 15,000 students since its inception in 2000. Recognized for its industry partnerships and UGC-affiliated programs, Cadence Academy of Design stands as one of the oldest and most respected brands in the field of fashion and interior design education.

Ramp Inferno, known for its grandeur and innovation, will witness the participation of two branches of Cadence Academy of Design, namely Dharampeth (Head Office) and Hingna Road, showcasing their exceptional talent and creativity. This year’s event also boasts the presence of esteemed chief guests, including Dr. Subhash R Chaudhary, Vice Chancellor of Nagpur University; Arichit Chandak, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Economic Offence Wing, Nagpur; and Prof. Dr. Prashant Kadu, Dean, Interdisciplinary Studies, Nagpur University. Also, previous year’s passed out students will be receiving their course completion certificate by the hands of the dignitaries.

The fashion sequences of Ramp Inferno will take you on a journey through various themes, each representing a unique style and concept. Prepare to be enthralled by “Alchemy: Sustainable Fashion”, “The Shredded Tale: Street Wear”, “Chand sa Safed: Indian Wear”, “The Pansy Craze: Androgynous Fashion.” by Dharampeth (Head Office) and “The Volcanic Explosion: Indo-western Wear” by Hingna Road Center.

Media representatives, esteemed guests, and fashion enthusiasts are cordially invited to witness the magnificence and creativity at Peristyle and Ramp Inferno. Join us as we celebrate the exceptional talent of these young designers and revel in the magic of design.

For more details and admission– cadenceacademy.in, +91-7304299086 (Dharampeth), +91-9156001898 (Hingna Road)


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