Carving his own distinct niche in the field of sports commentary and broadcasting – Roshan Ramesh Shetty  

He manages a successful career as a sports commentator and a businessman running his sports management company Sportytude.

When it comes to sports commentary, there are few who have as much experience and success as Roshan Ramesh Shetty. For those who don’t know, Roshan is an international sports commentator, presenter and voice over artist who has been in business for the past few years. He has hosted several sports shows which have taken his popularity to the next level. He debuted on Star Sports Network in 2019 and has since been a part of several popular leagues & championships, including the English Premier League & Hero Indian Super League Youth Games (Now NextGen Cup), Hero I League, Reliance Foundation Youth Sports, Hockey India Senior Men’s National Hockey Championship, IHFF – Mr Olympia Amateur & Sheru Classic India , Rollball World Cup, National Cycling Championship, Tournaments For Income Tax India and a few more. Apart from being a part of these events, Roshan has also worked with Primetime Emmy Award Winning Director for a Lifestyle based Web Series in India.

This Pune-born and bred professional has done his MBA in Sports Marketing from Symbiosis International University and Masters in Media & Communication Studies from Pune University after completing his graduation in Science from Nowrosjee Wadia College. Being an avid sports follower, Roshan also represented the Pune Division in Athletics, Football and Fencing. His interest in sports broadcasting and management grew, which eventually landed him on the field as a professional. He recollects how he got hooked on sports commentary during sports day at high school, which pushed him to hone his skills that landed him heading the commentary team announcing matches and analysing games. His confidence got a big boost when he got a chance to perform commentary alongside Sunil Chhetri at a competition in Symbiosis, who was the one who encouraged him to take up a career as a commentator.

“The journey has not been long, but it has been extremely fulfilling,” says Roshan, who got his first big break in 2016 with Reliance Foundation Youth Sports and was awarded the “Sports Excellence” Award by the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra Ajit Pawar for his tremendous contribution as a sports broadcasting professional in 2019. There has been no looking back since, as he manages his career as a sports commentator smoothly, and at the same time looks after Sportytude, a sports management company based in Pune, as its Founder & Director.

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