Attempt to murder accused released on bail by High Court 

– Rajesh bhanudas uike Ro Lohara, Yavatmal has been released on bail by Single bench presided over by Justice Anil Pansare.

Nagpur – Rajesh bhanudas uike was arrested alleged offenses punishable under sections 142, 147, 148, 149, 294, 506, 307 of IPC R/w sec 135 of Maharashtra Police Act Vide Crime No: 314/2022 dated 7-12-2022 by the PSO PS Logara Yavatmal on the report lodged by Gaurav Thakur.

The case of the prosecution is that, on 5/12/2022 he had been to Yavatmal. At about 8.00 pm. he met his friends and thereafter went for dinner at Rashid Dhaba. While having dinner at 10.30 pm. Stavan Shah, Gopal, Akash Virkhede, Manish Baghel and 3 unknown persons were sitting after 2 to 3 tables and they were talking loudly. At that time the friend of informant Roshan went to the table and told to the accused not to speak loudly. After that informant and his friend’s Sagar also went to the table of accused. At the moment heated exchange of words took place between them. Meanwhile, the accused started abusing to the informant and his friends and that time co-accused Stawan Shah broke down glass bottle on the head of the informant and other accused assaulted by means of kick and fist blow and some of them assaulted by rod on his right hand.

Thus, all accused by forming unlawful assembly assaulted the informant and caused grievous injuries on his person. The Informant asked his other friends to accompany them for the hospital and when they reached to the hospital, the person who assaulted them. They also came there and assaulted by knife and on the report of informant the offence came to be registered vide Crime No.314/2022.

It was submitted that, on 05/12/2022 the applicant along with his friends was at Rashid Dhaba for dinner. Where at some persons were sitting on the table besides the table of applicant and his friends. During the dinner one person from the table besides came near to the table of applicant. That person was n inebriated condition and all of sudden he started shouting in a filthy language with the friends of applicant.

It wss submitted that, name of applicant was also not getting reflecte in the FIR and as per the narration given in the FIR, allegations of assault are made against co-accused Swatan Shah and only role attributed to other accused persons is assault by fist blows.

Rajesh uike had preferred application for grant of bail before learned Sessions Court, Yavatmal and prosecution had opposed that said application by filing its say. That, on 12-01-2023, learned Sessions Court, Yavatmal was pleased to reject the bail application of the applicant by observing that the investigation is in progress and offence is serious.

Adv Mir nagman ali appeared for Rajesh Uike.

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