An ed-tech solution by Smiraj named Awwal Number makes revolutionary changes in the education industry 

– The tech-based platform and app radiate the brilliance of the founder, who hails from a family of educationists and who aims to help maximum students as well as schools.

Nagpur :- The world has witnessed the rise of several brands and businesses that more or less have focused on their personal gains and wins. But, there are a few rare gems across industries that have radiated sheer brilliance and genius, proving how their sole purpose is only spreading the good among others and creating more value in their lives. Having such pristine visions in the education field may prove to be a challenging task, but it is definitely not impossible, proves an ed-tech solution by Smiraj named Awwal Number, which in recent times has been a popular topic of discussion in the education field for multiple incredible reasons.

Awwal Number stands “Awwal” (#1) in the field, for it focuses on improving the country’s education system by leveraging the infinite power of tech. By optimizing cutting-edge technologies of today’s time and age, the team, under the leadership of its Founder and CEO, who comes from a family of educationists holding more than three decades of experience in the industry, are determined to help maximum students and schools through their tech-driven platform and app.

They pride in offering white-labeled Ed-Tech, ERP, LMS and SMS solutions that are responsible for increasing interest and improving the learning outcomes of students while also supporting schools to function to their full potential and capacity. Wondering why schools need a tech-based app like this? Well, the team explains that the tech space often requires high upfront costs and highly trained and qualified staff. However, Awwal Number can help them enhance their position by becoming a school that has its own app for students, parents and staff and also get easy and complimentary solutions like SMS, LMS and ERP.

There are a variety of app features like language change from English to Hindi, 1 million+ learning resources, performance tracking section, quiz feature with over 30K questions, video verification feature, 10K+ minutes of video of animated content, NCERT, CBSE, ICSE and State board curriculum, and online to offline switch mode. Apart from these ed-tech features, there are several LMS, SMS and ERP features as well loaded into the app, making it a revolutionary ed-tech solution of recent times.

For finding more information, the team can be reached through Instagram @awwalnumberapp and the website


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