A Dream Home in Hinjewadi for IT Professionals Save Time and Money and enhance Lifestyle 

Rajiv Gandhi Infotech park is world known IT Park which is situated in Hinjewadi, Pune. The popularity of this place can be judged by knowing the Capacity of this IT Hub which is almost spread upto Phase-3 and waiting to extend upto Phase-6.

If You thinking of staying in Hinjewadi for your employment then this Hub offers a very pleasant stay due it is transforming in to a residential suburb on its own.

Affordable housing has been flourishing these days in Pune West where Hinjewadi is situated. You should definitely consider ITrend Homes for your 1-2 years stay here in Hinjewadi and can be a owner of some smart homes within your budget by having 1or 2 BHK real estate investment.

As for Hinjewadi as an area, it is an excellent choice. The location is an ideal location owing to the excellent connectivity, making it a coveted residential destination. The area is located close to the Pune-Mumbai expressway and shares great proximity with the main areas of town and the industrial areas of Chakan, PCMC, and Talegaon. The best part is that the location serves all your essential needs and wants – there are good roads, supermarkets, great public transportation, hospitals, schools, and last but not the least, the upcoming metro station. So all in all, Hinjewadi is a great choice!

Here are the top Ten reasons why investing in Hinjewadi, Pune is a GREAT Idea.

Enjoy a high Rental Yield, with an average of Rs.20,000 for a 2 BHK per month and a 10% yearly increase.

Property appreciation is significant due to the annual migration of IT employees for job changes, leading to a constant demand for property.

Your current investment can become your future home.

Future connectivity from Hinjewadi to Pune will improve with the upcoming Metro link.

IT professionals have the opportunity to work at Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park in Hinjewadi, making owning a home in the area ideal for those in the Pune IT sector.

Property rates in Hinjewadi are comparatively lower than in other parts of Pune.

The rapid growth and development in Hinjewadi, with plans extending up to Phase-6, ensure continued appreciation and demand for property.

Hinjewadi serves as a weekend retreat for those commuting to Mumbai, with just a 3-hour journey.

Imagine the future development in Hinjewadi that will establish it as an international landmark.

Choose from a variety of offerings by top developers and builders at competitive prices to suit your needs.

– By Vijay Meshram

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