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Life Becomes Partner: No activity, no marriage

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Life Becomes Partner: No activity, no marriage

Ruler Arora, a youngster from Malud, a town in Ludhiana, has been sentenced without flaw. There is a little degree in his body. The condition that the Punjab Government forced, satisfied a similar arrangement. Not a solitary tat, breezed through the subject test twice. Never did any medications, just buckled down. First contemplated, at that point hopped headed for business. At long last tired of destruction presently sitting. She presently has just one mother left or the hunger for network. He is in his 40th year of life. Neither found an administration line of work nor got hitched. A large number of young people of Punjab endure this.

The youthful Prince Arora has such a disease, that the mother couldn’t finish any of her desires, and on the more joyful long periods of life, the pressure of joblessness has likewise expanded. She is vexed that she has been rebuffed without wrongdoing. The court of the political court must advise her, what is her shortcoming? The fantasy of business and marriage is additionally broken. In his heart, Arman now shrugs. Raj Kumar, a youngster from Buhlada, isn’t finding any exit plan. That is the ETT/TAT pass. It’s been 41 years. The period of marriage is likewise in question. It says that his solitary flaw is that he passed Tate.

Raj Kumar is only a name. Lean is simply battling with what he is accomplishing for the activity. He remains on the Sangrur front. The tolerance of these young people is being tried in the instruction priest’s city of Sangrur. Jagjit Singh of Jodhpur town, Barnala, got into a battle with the circumstance. The dad’s ailment satisfied the obligation first and he needed to apply for a line of credit to think about later. Life continued breathing, he didn’t lose. The two themes are Mm and Beed. The tat is likewise passed along. Has lost the administration. 34 years of age and she has lost her life. He worked, battled, individuals made instructors. Guardians are getting old. She has chosen not to wed. He says that even in the courts, wrongdoing is articulated before condemning, however there are other authoritative issues. The Punjab government is playing ‘locally situated business’. Youngsters are yelling mottos of joblessness in Sangrur. On the off chance that you need to discover reality, go to the towns in the towns. Perceive how youth is thriving. With what backing does this youngster need to go through his time on earth?

Anit Kakar of Muktsar is a casualty of this equivalent illness. The two themes are Mm and Bead. In the wake of passing the tet, the cascades additionally occurred. Kakar says that they are the crude material of the pioneers’ political industry. After five years. Pioneers get a position of royalty and push on. Anish Kakar now mentors. He says how to help marriage.

Consistently, the Punjab government has demonstrated new conditions maps to these adolescents. Thirteenth met Navdeep Singh, a youngster from Dangarh (Barnala). The Tet Pass has a MFA in three subjects. Got hitched during joblessness. A half year later the marriage separated. He says that this stain has not left him on any side. Gurmukh Singh of Nassibapura town in Bathinda has said that on the off chance that he found a new line of work inside two years, at that point he could never get hitched. He has a degree confirmation. Gurmukh Singh is sitting tight for an occupation before his life partner. There are a huge number of such youngsters in Punjab who have nothing to eat. Business and marriage have gotten uncommon for these.

Chao Malala, a little girl of Karamjit Kaur of Mansa locale, was murdered by the jobless. Life has not been simple for him. She has contacted her 34th year of life in order to get work after instruction. What number of young ladies, whose lives are simply starting to melt away? The administration ought to ever see what is befalling the guardians of these youngsters. What number of moms have kicked the bucket of coronary illness in their heart. These homes are a crash with life, through political prosecution.

Maturing in work situation: Union

It was the reaction of General Secretary Gurjit Kaur of BAD Unemployed Union and Yuvjit Singh Bathinda Member of the State Committee that the administration was giving occupations to the old and youngsters are getting more seasoned in the field of business. He said that Punjab had lost its young limit in this fortnight which was to be represented the advancement of the state. The administration should utilize the adolescent immediately with the goal that the lighting of thousands of homes could be lit.

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